“People move here for the schools, and stay for the community.”


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Strong schools are essential to strong communities.

There is no debating the quality of our Madeira schools and the value that they bring to our community. In a district like Madeira, property taxes make up 70% of the district revenue.
The district has taken aggressive steps in reducing expenditures; however the loss of state and federal funding has been dramatic. To continue the current programs and services provided to the students of Madeira, the district must seek more revenue from the community.
The district last asked for an increase in taxes five years ago. Support and donations, combined with sound fiscal management have allowed the district to stretch the 2011 levy two years longer than promised.  If voters approve the November 2016 levy, the district will continue to operate in the outstanding manner that our residents have come to expect. Otherwise, the district will have to make budgetary cuts that are likely to directly impact programs, personnel, services and opportunities.
Voting in favor of the November levy will help continue Madeira Schools’ tradition of excellence.  There’s no doubt that the success of our school district is based on the relationship it has with our community. Likewise, the City of Madeira has been successful, in part,  because of our outstanding school district. It’s commonly said here in Madeira, “People move here for the schools, and stay for the community.”
It takes a dedicated team of volunteers to get the word out about the November levy and rally support.


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Donations are needed in order to conduct a successful campaign and ensure levy passage in November.

Paypal link below or please send donations to Residents for Madeira Schools, 7209 Juler Avenue, Madeira, OH 45243

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